18 September 2012

Cuttlebug + sugarpaste = true

I got married some few weeks ago and when that was over I was thrown into yet another big occasion as my  oldest daughter had her confirmation on Saturday. I decided to make her some really sweet cupcakes. They are carrot cupcakes with walnuts and chocolate. I rolled out some sugar paste which I then placed between the Cuttlebug folders and rolled a couple of times over it with the rolling pin. (Did not use the Cuttlebug machine as it presses the sugar paste too thin). The sugarpaste will not stick to the folders so they are so great to use with sugarpaste! They where then punched out with a frilled metal punch used for cakes and decorated with flowers and hearts. The hearts are made out of mould I usually use for my papercrafting, but they are just as great for sugarpaste. They where a great sucsess by the way!