26 May 2010


Oh,dear... am I last again? I had to be rushed off to the emergency last night and it didn't leave me with much sleep and so I woke up right now, thats 11.36 in the "morning". 
I just had to post this, showing you all that it is a HUGE MISTAKE to believe that I am organized and tidy. I am sorry, but last post must have given you all a false picture. I am extremely untidy. I am a mess, and this desk must be a strong evidence for that statement. lol
I have not done anything crafty for a while now, so the desk is just left as is was when I stopped, and as you can see, it is an a mess!
The only crafty thing I have done is sorting out my cards, putting them in cellophane bags and putting them in this "thingy" ready for a craftmarked I'm hopefully going to.

Now I'm off to see if there is anyone more messy than me in blogland and get inspired enough to go down to my room and start tidying!
And if you are wandering what woyww is all about you should drop by Julia at the Stamping Ground and join in!