19 May 2010


These ultra-mega-cool young ladies are my two daughters; Marte is 11 and Maia is 7 on this picture taken last summer. They have just been sunglass-shopping and we had to capture this moment.

Its Wednesday and WOYWW at Julias blog, the Stamping ground. It's really addictive and a perfect chance to find lots of nice ladies with the same nosy nose as my self and their wonderful blogs!

Ok ladies. Sorry, but my desk is the same sad mess as it has been the last two weeks. But my whole room is sort of under construction so I am allowed to, don't you think?
I am not a fast worker when it comes to sorting out and tidying, my neck is still putting a stop to everything, but I'm slowely getting there.

So this time I am giving you a glance of the "system" in my room.
I have now put every single clear stamp sheet in a zipper locked plastic bag. It prevents me finding them everywhere and  I can store the whole plastic box with them away from sunlight. You know that sunlight "kills" clearstamps don't you? They get hard and brittle. I managed to destroy a whole sheet of clearstamps before I got aware of that.

The other part of my "system" is my boxes of ribbon. I have four of these boxes. Greens and blues in one box,  yellow and orange in another etc.

The third thing I want to show you today is something I did today. I did not find a suitable way to store my Spellbinder dies. I had them all in a box but they kept falling off the tape they where attached too so I saw that one of you, can't remember who, had done this: Put them in dvd-covers. I just have to borrow my hubbys labelmaker so I can label each one, and I think I will be very happy with this. I have to buy some more dvd-covers though, there are still some dies I havn't placed in a cover.

And then its all the metal stash. I have used a very long time to put the things I used the most in three boxes and the other five boxes are for metal stash I don't use so much.
Well, thats all the WOYWW-stuff for today.

Yesterday was Norways constitution day. If you want to read how we celebrate it, look at the post before this to get an idea. Have a fantastic day all of you! I am looking forward to put my nose in your craft stuff!

18 May 2010

It's warm outside!

Sketchy colors challenge this week is a sketch you need to follow. And I did, and twisted it a bit and the result above.
The stamp is from Kaiser craft, and the girl is from Itkupilli. The paper is from G. Loenecken for Minnehjørnet.
The sketch is here;

Something totally different now:
It's warm outside! At last! The birds are singing loud and almost too joyous, the cats have found a warm spot outside to relax in. I can almost see the grass grow and I believe that is actually is going to be summer this year too!

The weekend was spent at our summerhouse by the sea. In rain. Rain, and even more rain. What a dreadful weather we had. We drove back to Oslo on Friday and my sweet, caring, angel of a painrelief specialist drove 30 or something needles into my neck living me painfree for the very first time in years. You can't believe how wonderful that felt!

Yesterday was Norways constitution day. If you ever want to visit Norway, make sure you are around for the celebration on the 17 th of May, preferably in Oslo. You will ble blown away with joy and wonder on how we celebrate it. Promise! Everyone starts the day off either with a large breakfast or as we did, on our local school where we watched the raising of the norwegian flag. That is always done by a scout, and since my daughter is a scout, she wanted to be there. The we sing the national anthemn and go home.

This is the Follo bunad. It is from the area I live in now.

At home a large breakfast was awaiting us. (It's now about 08:15 in the morning)and then it was time to dress up in the best dresses you have. The men are ofte in black suites and ladies in dresses or the ones that have the folk dress from the area they come from wear that. It is called a "bunad" and is a dress with  is richly emboridered, almost all of them are long and you wear silver accesoires that are designed to go with your bunad. There are stirict rules about the bunad. You can't just embroider your own and call is a bunad. The dresses are made form hundred of year old drawings and have been worn through all times, and still look today as they did hudred of years ago.

This it the bunad from where my ancestors come from, so I have a right to wear that as well.

By ten o clock, people have gathered together in thousads around the largest space available in your town, often the town square or a football field. All the children have flags and ribbons and someone gives a speach, we sing the national anthemn and "God save the king" in norwegian. Then the big, big parade is off. In front you will often have six or eight students from a school carrying a large norwegian flag each. Then comes a marching band and then each school and each class walks behind each other with hundred of hundred of pupils shouting "hurrah!!" and waving their flags ands singing. Along the parade is all the parents, uncle, aunts and grandparents, they are also carrying flags and ribbons and shouting "hurrah". The parade ofte goes past an old peoples home where the whole parade stops and sing for the senior citizens of the town. The parade then walks on and split up so that each part of it goes to the school they belong to. At the school there is games, and icecream, hotdogs and sodas. And there is one saying in Norway that says it all; "On the 17th of May the children ca eat how many hotdogs and icecreams as they want!" And they do.

About two o clock in the afternoon the kids are so stuffed with icecream that its time to go home. Later, we ofte join friends in bbq and we continue to late night with eating and talking.

The amazing and special thing about Oslo is that it is the biggest parade in the country. All the schools within Oslo goes together in the parade and the parade passes by the royal castle in Oslo where the queen, king and crownprince and princess stands all day and waves to the croud. There are huge marching bands there and of course, tons of people.
And if you are still hanging with me, I wish you a great day! I'm going out in the sun to relax with the cats!