08 May 2010

WOYWW my very first one!

Scroll down for the mess!!!
It's my  very first WOYWW! I was actually in the middle of tidying up me room, which is was a complete mess. Such a big mess that I used longer time to LOOK for things than to make the cards. But then it happens.. the thing that allways happens: In the middle of tidying something up I find a die, or a flower falls on top of a cardstock and I realize that its going to be a neat colorcombination, and so I drop the tidying and start creating again. And then in no time I'm back to the old chaos....
This weddingcard is what came out of this weeks tidying...lol

Do you want to see the "before" pictures. The nice ones. Click here

I do actually have two desks to keep tidy. My plan is to have one for my sewing-projects and one for paper. The paperprojects are eating up my sewingprojectspace (I think I made a new english word there...)
The wreath suddenly appeared from a box and I thought it might be a good idea to get rid of  A LOT of paper flowers if I decorated it...

Ok. I love coca cola light. I have a unfinished lantern project. I usually use the floor when I'm out of desk space. There must be a mistake that I was born in September. Im a Virgo. We are supposed to be tidy people. Have everything organized.. LOL
Perhaps someone left me on my parents stairs..  I don't know but somethings very very wrong here......
Oh.. and yes... I do have the most crappyiest box that I keep my spellbinder dies in. I have to do somethig about that!
But despite all the mess, I managed to finish this card.

It is a project for the store I'm designer for. They want easy, simple weddingcards, so I made two different.

06 May 2010

A quick card - Et kjapt kort

A quick card before I'm off to see "doctor pain" or rather "doctor no pain". Hopefully he can inject me with some hope and better days.
A quick card from me today. The sentiment says it all, so I just decorated with two butterflies from Itkupilli and some  glitterglue and a ribbon and halfpearls. The sentiment says; "I am so happy you are here. You help me understand how beautiful the word is!"
The sentiment is from Stempelglede.

Et kjapt kort herifra før jeg går til Dr. Smerte. Eller rettere sagt Dr. Ikke-no-smerte. Forhåpentligvis kan han injisere meg med litt håp og smertefrie dager, eller timer. Så kortet i dag ble et kjappiskort. Jeg synes teksten var så vakker og ville at det skulle være hovedmomentet på kortet. Det er fra Stempelglede. Sommerfuglene er fra Itkupilli og så er det litt glitterlim rundt kanten og noen halvperler. Arket er fra Nille faktis, så fikk jeg brukt det også..

05 May 2010

The ultimate gift to anyone who is on a diet! - Slankegaven!

Allthought I try to look at the cup of life as if it is half full,  I just can't lie to you: This cup i emty. Very empty. Not even half empty.  The text on the front says "A balanced diet is a  chocolate in each hand" and I meant to fill it up with chocolate. But who would end up eating i tall? Yes... me!!! And I do not need any more weight. So I left it empty. This is a DT project for Minnehjørnet to promote their  new stamps.

The cup is a disposible plastic cup, the wrapping on top is a an acetate card envelope I cut open and glued around the plastic. The bottom is cut out with a Spellbinder die, the roses as from Wild Orchid craft and the borderpunch is from Martha Stewart.
If I fill it up with chocolate it must be the ultimate gift to someone who is on a diet, or??? haha!

Jeg forsøker å se på livets kopp som halv full, men  må jeg innrømme at denne koppen er helt tom! Meningen var å fylle den opp med masse sjokolade for å stå i stil til teksten, men hvem ville ha spist opp all den sjokoladen tror du?  Joda.. det ville være meg. Og jeg trenger ikke flere kilo, så jeg leverer den til Minnehjørnet helt tom. Dette er et DT oppdrag for å promotere de  fantastiske flotte stemplene de har fått inn nå!

Koppen er et engangskrus kjøpt på Nille, lukkingen på toppen er en acetat konvolutt som er kuttet opp og limt på. Bunnen er en Spellbinder dies. Rosene er fra Minnehjørnet. Hvis jeg fyller denne opp med sjokolade må det være den ultimate gaven å gi til en som slanker seg. Eller...? Haha!

04 May 2010

Mommies are like buttons - Mødre er som knapper

Penny Black Saturday Challenge this week is about punches. My card with the hedgehog is from Penny Black and I have colored them with promarkers. The text stamp is from Minnehjøret and says "Mommies are like buttons, they hold things together".

Penny Black Saturday Challenge handler om PB stempler og puncher. Pinnsvinet er fra PB og teksten er fra Minnehjørnet og er av de mange nye stemplene deres.

03 May 2010


I am so empty today. It's been a tough day. Lots of pain in my head and neck. Since the car accident I have been having a rough time with headaches every single day and I'm sad and mad that I can't go to dancepractice or sit and create as often and long as I want to.
Well, that life. It goes up and down for all of us. I'm sure that better days are right around the corner!

This card is made from a picture from Itkupilli. Isn't it lovely?

I dag  er jeg helt tom. Har hatt utrolig mye smerter i nakke og hodet. Etter påkjørselen har jeg hatt en temmelig røff tid med daglige hodepiner og migrener. Jeg er møkk lei, trist og sinna for at jeg ikke kan danse eller sitte å skap så lenge som jeg vil lenger. Men, det er livet. Det går opp og ned for de fleste av oss og jeg er sikkert på at det er mye bedre tider rett rundt hjørnet.

Kortet er laget med et bilde fra Itkupilli. Er det ikke skjønt, det motivet?

02 May 2010

The web of creativity

The great thing about blogging is that I can write something days ahead and then click a button and it pops up as a new posting. I like that. It means to me that even those days when my body is not working with the rest of me I can post something "new".

The other thing I just love about blogging is that I can travel around the world. Effordlessly! I do spend quite a bit of my time going blogabout, as they probably would say it down under, and I love how the internet can drop me off in far countries in a blog made by a woman, just like me, with the same passion, just like me. And allthough our cultures and language are far apart, we are just the same when it comes to cardmaking.

Have you ever gone blogabout for a long long time? Seen how many thousand, and hundred of thousands of women that is blogging about cardmaking? I have found them in Russia and USA, Australia, Pakistan, Spain, Island, Germany, China, Japan. All over the place. Even if they are eighteen og eighty they all blog about the same. Their cards, their joy over new things, showing off pictures of their cats, dogs or family or garden. There is a HUGE sisterhood out there. A huge web of love and creation that streches all over the world. When I think about that I feel gratitude that I am a part of that big sisterhood of creative women. That means something to me.

I am so thankful that I met each and everyone of you on my way. I hope that we all can continue spreading our love, our creation and happiness with each other and the rest of the world.

A big hug from me to you!