21 February 2010

Oh sweet summer days! Søte sommerdager!

The south west side of Fuerte Ventura, out in the wilderness.

I know. It is really cruel to post this pictures from sunny, rainy, hot and windy Fuerte Ventura when half of Norway is struggling with more and more snow every single day and the temperatures are way below zero.
But I am cruel, and sunburnt, and happy, and relaxed. We are spending some weeks in Fuerte Ventura which belongs to Spain and is one of many islands situated west of North Africa. We have been blessed with every weather possible, from a really big storm, to sun, wind and rain. But however the weather is, it is still warm and free from snow.

We have rented a car for some weeks and have been travelling around the island, seeing all the beautiful sceneries that the island has to offer. Here is a small glimpse of our life here:

Stein, me and Marte relaxing after a day of sightseeing.
Las Dunas, the desert meets the ocean. Our bathtub...
This does not look to bad or....? Off to the beach. Some kilometres of beach all by our self.
The sun sets the clouds are comming in from the sea and its getting dark fast.
A typical veranda you see here. Idyllic and beautiful.

I will be comming back with cardstuff when I come home and have showled my way through several metres of snow and found my house.