08 January 2010


I tried to admit this card to a special site, but I have not heard anything from them, so I'll take the chance as to show it to you instead.
The picture is private and is a picture of my mother and my grandmother. I am thrilled because as we where going through some old boxes in the attic the other day, I found yet another beautiful picture, this time of my fiancés mother as young. I can not wait as to make something of it!

This time I have given The Slice a go. The tag, corners and leaves are all from The Slice digital card collection. I just love my little pink Slice, it takes just seconds to cut out what you want in any size you want (within limits).

Jeg forsøkte å legge ut dette kortet på en spesiell side, men har ikke hørt et ord fra dem så da tar jeg sjansen på å vise det her istedet. Bildet er av min mor og mormor. Jeg er foresten kjempeglad fordi jeg fant ytterligere et fantastisk flott bilde her om dagen mens jeg rotet i noen gamle kasser på loftet. Denne gangen av min sambos mamma som ung. Gleder meg til å lage noe av det.

Denne gangen har jeg latt The Slice få gjennomgå. Hjørnene, tag'en og  bladene er alle fra The Slice digitale kort. Jeg digger min lille rosa Slice, det tar bare noen få sekunder å kutte ut disse. Den står alltid klar ved siden av meg og det er bare å sette den oppå det arket jeg skal bruke og så er det gjort. En gøyal liten sak!

06 January 2010

My new room, and a mushroom - Mitt nye rom, og en sopp!

This is where my desk was before I rearranged it all.

I have made myself a craftroom which works perfectly for me! I have now most of the things I use all the time right around me, within reach, and stuff I use more seldom are sorted in cool white boxes. I've got music, candles and most important of all: I do not sit with my back to the door staring into a wall like I used to. (The kids liked to sneak into my room scaring the hell out of me, and I never saw them comming as my back was facing the door!)

I have allready tried out the room, and it seems to work like a dream for me. I still have a trip to Ikea left to buy some more white boxes and broader shelves for my mounted stamps, but descided to post the pictures anyway.

I have screwed thin acrylic sheets on the wall making it easy for some of the unmounted stamps to kling to it.

Large and small white boxes from Ikea, my cd player and a new carpet.

My cat Bayaz loves candles although she burned her whiskers once. I have to watch out for lit candles when she is around.

I put most of my flowers in a big bag, but some of them are here in glass jars. The middle one on the first shelf is a very old jar that used to be filled with sweets.

This is the things I need to have close by. At the end of the room you can see the trolly with some of my cardstock. The door is leading into another office and was never used because that office has got two doors as well.

My desk is never this tidy and clean. This is a once-in-a-lifetime-cleanness-moment!
A magnet board on the wall with thinks I like to have nearbye (the remote to the cd-player!) I have a daylight lamps that I can turn so it lights up the cardstock.

On the right is a door that leads outside. Its never used either. My room has three entrances. Way to go architect!!

Carpe diem! All the stuff I need all the time on one shelf.

I made this a long time ago, the sign is on the door to my room.

It was probably meant to hang towels or kitchen equipment on, but works perfectly for all those things that you need nearbye and dont have any other place to put!

Above this is to glass shelves where I have put all my punches. I love to have them close!

On of the walls have got small wooden shelves and this is where I keep some of my mounted stamps. My plan is to raid Ikea for some larger white shelves where I have room for more stamps.

My mushroom! A felted mushroom I found while I was christmasshopping. Perfect to put all my decorative pins on!

I have all my ribbons, metall charms,  and buttons in plastic boxes. Easy to reach and find the correct color.

Thanks for looking! Hopefully it can inspire someone the way got inspired to look at how others made their craftroom!

04 January 2010

My new toy! - Nytt lekttøy!

Wishing you all the best for 2010! May it be filled with joy, peace, love and happiness!

I must have been a really good girl last year because Santa gave me so many great things! This is one of the "toys" I got: The Slice!

And...it was pink as well! With the Slice I got three designcards which allows me to speed up the cutting, make shadows and mirror the images.
I have had so great fun with it during the holyday, and because it is so easy to use, so fast and so small, it is perfect for me and my cardmaking. I love it!

Jeg ønsker deg en riktig flott nytt år! Må 2010 bli fyllt med lykke, glede, fred og kjærlighet!

Jeg må ha vært en riktig så snill pike forrige år i og med at julenissen hadde med seg så utrolig mange flotte gaver til meg i år. Og her er en av de fineste; The Slice!

The Slice er en digital kuttemaskin fra Making Memories. Det er så liten at den får plass i håndflaten og dermed også får den plass på et ekstremt rotete skrivebord uten at man må rydde først. Den kan speilvende skrift og lage skygger, er temmelig kjapp og veldig søt!
Jeg fikk også tre designkort til denne, så jeg har kost meg utrolig denne romjulen med dette vidunderet!