15 August 2009

Friday Sketcher no 65

Friday Sketcher no. 65 gave us yet again a marvellous sketch to work with.
Since I have fallen deeply in love with Itkupillis gorgeous digital pictures I just hade to make something with one of the sweet vintage pictures she sells.

The tag is colored with distressink from Ranger, the words are from Lisas Altered Art.

13 August 2009

Vintage dream

I am back from my six week long vacation with my family. We have had an absolutely fantastic vacation, lots of fun, relaxation, fun, drama and food!

We startet off with one week in Denmark, travelling through the whole country, which takes just some few hours if I am going to be honest. But Denmark is so charming, and we have been through both Fårup sommerland, an amusement park, the Lego park and the Lion park, done lots of shopping in some craftstores I have found, and just had so much fun. We visited some friends in their cottage by the sea too and descided that we would rent a summerhouse there too perhaps next year (?).

We arrived home on a tuesday, just giving us time to empy our suitcases and then pack them again with lighter clothes and take the thursday fligh to Kos in Greece. We spent two and a half week in Kalymnos, having a great time there. It is always fun seeing our greek friends again, but also sad because this time two of our dear friends had passed away. Maria, a fine old lady had died but the memories we have of her will always stay with us. But Michalis had also died, suddenly and in a very young age too, leaving us all griefstruck. Peace be with them both.

The island was also struck by a huge fire when we where there. Lots and lots of land was burnt but luckily now houses or people where injured or burnt. It is though, very scary being on a small island when almost half of it is burning!

After returning from Greece and its 42 degrees celsius, we arrived an early morning in Norway again, with its 11 degrees, unpacked our suitcases and then packed them again to go to our summerhouse by the sea. We had a really relaxing week there, both with lots of rain and sunny hot days. A storm had hit the south part of Norway some days earlier making the whole area a total mess. The water had flooded the area and the the trunks we had tied our boat to was gone, and the boat was loose as well. Lightning had struck down and the electricity was gone as well, and all our food in the freezer went bad.

We had though, a great time there and the most fantastic thing happened as well. We where in our boat, when we hit a reef we did not know of. We needed help as the motor was wrecked. A guy on land saw it all and came out with his boat to rescue us, and when we came to shore a woman stood there to help us as well. We started talking and it turned out to be my long lost friend from my childhood! A girl I have not seen in 34 years. We spent every summer together when I was small and meeting her now, both of us grown up brought so much tears and joy to us. We had some great hours together that day , talking, laughing and crying togehter. I am so thankful for the reef being there so we could hit it! lol

We are now back in our house, and I have actually made this card BEFORE I unpacked my suitcases. It is a DT card for Minnehjørnet and I guess I just felt the urge to create something since it has been such a long time since I did it. I am looking forward to a creative, relaxing authumn, I might take a trip abroad in the authumn, time will show.