26 May 2010


Oh,dear... am I last again? I had to be rushed off to the emergency last night and it didn't leave me with much sleep and so I woke up right now, thats 11.36 in the "morning". 
I just had to post this, showing you all that it is a HUGE MISTAKE to believe that I am organized and tidy. I am sorry, but last post must have given you all a false picture. I am extremely untidy. I am a mess, and this desk must be a strong evidence for that statement. lol
I have not done anything crafty for a while now, so the desk is just left as is was when I stopped, and as you can see, it is an a mess!
The only crafty thing I have done is sorting out my cards, putting them in cellophane bags and putting them in this "thingy" ready for a craftmarked I'm hopefully going to.

Now I'm off to see if there is anyone more messy than me in blogland and get inspired enough to go down to my room and start tidying!
And if you are wandering what woyww is all about you should drop by Julia at the Stamping Ground and join in!


  1. My goodness Tonje, your desk does look 'busy' at the moment doesn't it! I love the way you are storing your cards, good luck with the craft market. I've just seen your previous post with your incredible organisation ideas, it all looks so beautifully organised! Thanks for the suggestion for my wooden thingy (I don't know what to call it either!) Have a great week! Tracey x

  2. That's not messy - that's creative chaos :o) (that's what I call it when my workspace is full of stuff! I hope you're feeling better! Hugs!

  3. Hope you feel better soon. Love your "mess"

  4. Hi Tonje, phew... what a relieve to see I'm not the only one who can create such a mess, lol.
    Unfortunately I don't have a special crafting spot and I always use the dinner table so when I'm done I have to tidy it :((
    hugs, jolanda

  5. Hiya

    your desk looks full of creativness! I love how you store your finished cards!


  6. I hope you're ok?? I think your desk looks lovely and creative. Hope you'll get back to crafting loads soon xx

  7. really neat presentation of the cards!

  8. Thats not a mess just creativity in progress lol. Great cards too. Tracy Evans x

  9. oh noo are you ok? Hope the hospital made you feel better. love your stash of cards,especially the ones with vintage images at the top.I can never get enough cards made, always doing then the night before I need them.

  10. was unable to leave a comment last week was having PC problems :-/
    I do hope you're ok after last night. Love the card on your desk and the ones ready for the market look good too ;) good luck with that
    Anne x

  11. Vita Sackville West said only dull women have imaculate houses... think of those women you know who have imaculate houses and fuss over the arrangement of apples in a bowl. Are they interesting, livley, friends you want to have a glass of wine with and a gossip?

    thought not.


  12. very busy desk and I love your thingy for the cards

  13. Very interesting cards in your "thingy" and as for your mess I can relate to that. When I craft - I like to mess, it's half the fun! ikki

  14. Ooh Tonje how lovely to see that you don't mind a tidy desk. But organised you certainly are - all those cards ready for the market - good luck with that. Love the scrapbook page you're working on - and, no you aren't last - it's now 9.15pm BST and you're at least 30 away from being last!!

  15. Ooo...love that card Tonje. So glad you made it to WOYWW and I hope you are ok. TFS. ~Glen~

  16. Love to see a busy working space and that card is perfect!

    Keryn ;)

  17. Anonymous28/5/10 11:41

    Great desk Tonje, hope you are ok my friend
    hugs June xxxx

  18. The cards you're bringing look wonderful- hope there are a lot of customers at the craft market! Patsy from

  19. Hope you are feeling all right.
    That card on your desk that you left as it is, looks really nice (seen from afar). And you don't have a mess, you've got creative ideas lying around. Keep up the positive thinking :)
    ** Evi **

  20. Hope you feel better soon....
    I love your cards Tonje.

    Greetz Thea

  21. Hi Tonje. I do hope you are feeling better than of late.
    I have nominated you for a 'Beautiful Blogger' award. *Ü* Visit my blog to claim it. ~Glen~

  22. :) I don't think it looks bad at all, lol!! So glad to know there are others who manage to let things get out of control while they are working ~ thanks for sharing the link as I will have some fun clicking on Wednesday workspaces! I might dare to share myself one day ;).

    By the way, the card with the car looks terrific!!!


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