08 May 2010

WOYWW my very first one!

Scroll down for the mess!!!
It's my  very first WOYWW! I was actually in the middle of tidying up me room, which is was a complete mess. Such a big mess that I used longer time to LOOK for things than to make the cards. But then it happens.. the thing that allways happens: In the middle of tidying something up I find a die, or a flower falls on top of a cardstock and I realize that its going to be a neat colorcombination, and so I drop the tidying and start creating again. And then in no time I'm back to the old chaos....
This weddingcard is what came out of this weeks tidying...lol

Do you want to see the "before" pictures. The nice ones. Click here

I do actually have two desks to keep tidy. My plan is to have one for my sewing-projects and one for paper. The paperprojects are eating up my sewingprojectspace (I think I made a new english word there...)
The wreath suddenly appeared from a box and I thought it might be a good idea to get rid of  A LOT of paper flowers if I decorated it...

Ok. I love coca cola light. I have a unfinished lantern project. I usually use the floor when I'm out of desk space. There must be a mistake that I was born in September. Im a Virgo. We are supposed to be tidy people. Have everything organized.. LOL
Perhaps someone left me on my parents stairs..  I don't know but somethings very very wrong here......
Oh.. and yes... I do have the most crappyiest box that I keep my spellbinder dies in. I have to do somethig about that!
But despite all the mess, I managed to finish this card.

It is a project for the store I'm designer for. They want easy, simple weddingcards, so I made two different.


  1. Ser ut som om du har nok å henge fingrene i (",) men det blir jo så flott når en er ferdig. Nydelige bryllupskort. Enkle og delikate!
    Hilsen fra Karin

  2. Du kan rote så mye du vil du, så lenge du lager så nydelige kreasjoner som du gjør; bryllupskortet ditt er jo bare vakkert !

  3. Et enkelt, men så nydelig kort. Jeg roter også når jeg jobber, men jeg har en bitteliten pult og må rydde jevnlig. Veldig greit for da blir det ikke så mye å rydde heller. Har også en plass for syarbeidene mine, men holder de to hobbyene mine strengt atskilt. Det fungerer for meg.

  4. Anonymous8/5/10 22:43

    Welcome to WOYWW! I love your wedding cards! It's ok to be messy, it's a creative mess!

  5. Beautiful wedding designs. I love your craft room, so many things to look at.

    when I run out of desk space I end up on the floor too hahahaha

    How cool to see somebody from Norway, my cousin has lived in Oslo for over 25 years.

  6. Nydelig kort! Og jeg tror de fleste av oss kan kjenne oss igjen i det organiserte rotet på pulten :p

  7. A creative mind is rarely tidy! That's what i always comfort myself with! My space hasn't been tidy in years and so i must be really creative! The wedding card is beautiful! It's worth the mess!
    Patsy from

  8. Gorgeous wedding cards!

    You know that WOYWW is totally addictive I hope :o) it's so much fun and I just love snooping at other desks. Love all those shelves you have.

  9. Welcome to the world of WOYWW! Lovely things going on and a great snoop around your space!
    I Loved my visit, thanks!

  10. Ohooo what a lovely crafty space you have, love all your pens, your card's wonderful! Welcome to WOYWW, it's very addictive!! see you next week!

  11. Your wedding cards are beautiful and I love your craft room - you are very lucky, I have to use our dining room and so everywhere is a complete mess - crafting rooms are meant to be messy, if they were tidy then NO crafting would be taking place :0)
    Bye for now.
    Diane xx

  12. wow - thats some craft room you have there - loads of space... but loads of stuff too... Love the wedding card.

    Anyway, thanks for coming to visit me on my blog and thanks for your kind words.

    I'm slowly but surely getting round all the desks - so bear with me and i'll try to be back for a look at your other posts.

    Thanks for visiting my desk and leaving your lovely comments... if your cats would eat my dog... what kind of cats do you have - lions??? Actually we have 3 cats and Dylan just wants to play chase and catch with them - but they're not interested - he doesn't understand why!!!! - Silly dog!

    Paula x x x

  13. your craft room is gorgouss and your card is super de duper...love the fresh colours you have used x

  14. vældig fint kort og bordkort! rigtig sødt :) og ja det er helt ok du linket til min blog :) tak for dit besøg!

  15. your card is beautiful, and I love your crafting space

  16. I llove the cards you have made, they are so pretty.
    I also love the mess of your craft room! There's so much to look at xx

  17. Vad roligt att se ditt scrappingrum.
    Ska försöka ta kort på mitt åxå, men behöver nog städa några veckor först ;)
    Fina bröllopskort....

  18. Hi Tonje - Glad the photo of the lamb brought back good memories.
    Your workspace looks very organised with all these lovely shelves.

  19. Anonymous10/5/10 09:16

    Nydelig. Du er så flink, storkoser meg her hos deg og ser på alt det fine du lager.
    Ønsker deg en fin uke.
    Klem fra Mio

  20. Hi Tonje. Welcome to WOYWW. It was my first post too. *Ü* Love the snoop and your craft room looks very nice. Love the cards, they are very pretty. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment. ~Glen~

  21. Ooooh that wreath is going to be amazing isn't it? Love your space and am very jealous at how big it is :P

    I've messed mine up a bit now - I didn't want to be responsible for a nation of screaming *g*

  22. Hello Tonje, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me such lovely comments, I love your workspace with all those open shelves so you can see everything, I also love the tidy version but much prefer the messy version because that means you are happy and creating! your wedding cards are beautiful, I love those peachy colours, I think they may be making a comeback.Happy Crafting to you, Sue xx

  23. wow! you have lots of lovely space to play in! Great shelving too - everything looks organised on those. The wedding card is beautiiful

  24. Lovely card :) I too have two workspaces - well the 2nd is my dining table which masquerades as my sewing table and that's usually in a more or less permanent mess - just enough room for one to eat at hehe though I do have to shift stuff round when the grandkids have music theory homework :-/
    Anne x


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