02 May 2010

The web of creativity

The great thing about blogging is that I can write something days ahead and then click a button and it pops up as a new posting. I like that. It means to me that even those days when my body is not working with the rest of me I can post something "new".

The other thing I just love about blogging is that I can travel around the world. Effordlessly! I do spend quite a bit of my time going blogabout, as they probably would say it down under, and I love how the internet can drop me off in far countries in a blog made by a woman, just like me, with the same passion, just like me. And allthough our cultures and language are far apart, we are just the same when it comes to cardmaking.

Have you ever gone blogabout for a long long time? Seen how many thousand, and hundred of thousands of women that is blogging about cardmaking? I have found them in Russia and USA, Australia, Pakistan, Spain, Island, Germany, China, Japan. All over the place. Even if they are eighteen og eighty they all blog about the same. Their cards, their joy over new things, showing off pictures of their cats, dogs or family or garden. There is a HUGE sisterhood out there. A huge web of love and creation that streches all over the world. When I think about that I feel gratitude that I am a part of that big sisterhood of creative women. That means something to me.

I am so thankful that I met each and everyone of you on my way. I hope that we all can continue spreading our love, our creation and happiness with each other and the rest of the world.

A big hug from me to you!


  1. sweet colleurfull vintage card

    by by tanja
    uit holland

  2. Is that your daughter in the pic? Beautiful!
    I do a lot of blogabout! I love traveling, meeting and learning from ladies so far away, that I would never get to meet!!! Isn't this amazing?

  3. Anonymous2/5/10 19:22

    Hei, hei
    Tusen takk for koselig kommentar hos meg. så kjekt at du vil følge bloggen min.
    Jeg har brukt Biltema's spraymaling og etter tredje forsøk ble det Silver Chrome (egentlig beregnet for forkrommete bildeler).
    For en nydelig blogg du har, her kommer jeg tilbake igjen.
    Ønsker deg en fin søndagskveld.

    Klem fra Mio

  4. Oh sweet girl I totally agree with everything you say. It is such a joy to belong to this wonderful blogging community.
    Your card is so utterly beautiful!
    Such a sweet image and your design and details are beautiful!
    kim x

  5. It`s a honour for me to get a comment from you! Thank You. I admire Your work

  6. thank you for watching me and lovely comment. you have really breathtaking works here :)

  7. Oh wow Tonje, what truly beautiful words. I honestly feel exactly the same way. I have made such wonderful friends from all over the world and you my sweet are one of them. Thank you for putting a huge smile on my face :) I'm sending a huge hug right back at ya'. By the way, this card is stunning. I just adore the photo of this beautiful little lady. The flowers and lace are stunning. Have a wonderful day. hugs xo Jackie

  8. wowwwi, this picture, and i love the beautyful corners!!
    so well done!!

  9. Big hug back to you and lovely bloggers!EE

  10. Hi!
    thanks for visit me!!
    your blog is nice!!
    hugs from Chile

  11. Your works are so beautiful:)
    Your blog is fantastic:)
    thanks for visit me!!
    Hugs from Poland:)

  12. Another beautiful creation and such lovely sentiments to accompany it :). You've put into words what many of us experience ~ thank you so much for this sweet and thoughtful post, Tonje!

  13. Nearly the same I thought today in the morning as I saw that I had visitors from Moskow and Malaysia on my blog.
    Blogging makes the world a little smaller and hopefully the understanding for each other much bigger !!
    Your new cards are fantastic like allways :-)

  14. Nydelig kort!! Syns det bilde er så skjønt, og meget anvendelig.


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