10 February 2010

A male card and an atc

 I struggled so hard to make something out of this stamp from Whipper Snapper. I have had it for years without finding the proper use of it unlike so many others. But yesterday it all came together and the result is the one above.

I felt that today was the right day to make an atc again. It has been a long time since I last did it. So, with the images from Itkupilli and Lisas Altered Art it became an atc that is called Tchernobyl. Seeing films from Tchernobyl so many years after is still scary. It all looks so normal in the way that the grass is still green and yet "death" is lurking in the very soil you walk on, the air you breathe in, and the water you drink. How easy isn't it to believe that is is all "over" and that you are safe. Many have returned to their homes without having any option to do otherwise and it is this feeling of death lurking in the background of what seems to normal I wanted to catch.


  1. The whole place it like the surface of a still lake which is teaming with posions underneath the water. your image really captures this.


  2. Your masculine card here is absolutely marvelous. I've never seen that stamp before ~ you made it shine.

    And your Chernobyl ATC is so powerful and well done. . . I can't imagine what it must be like for those who live there. Beautiful artistry in your work, Tonje.


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