08 February 2010

Frame from 7 gypsies

I just love this frame that I found in a shop. It is from 7 gypsies and is just perfect to display atc'n in! I found some of the few I still have not traded away an displayed them in this beautiful frame.

While searching for some documents that have mysteriously disapeared from my computer I found some old pictures from 2002. This is actually the first time I could look at them without crying.

This is from the intensive neonatal ward. I had just given bith to a babygirl, 6 and a half week too early. She was very sick for several weeks and the only thing we could do was to pray to God to give her strengh and heal her. All those machines surrounding here kept her alive. We did not know if we where going to plan a funeral or if she could survive. But then on our blackest days when all hope seem to have gone a miracle happened. She quickly started to breathe on her own and started to get better and better for every minute and hour.
After three and a half week we could take her home for the firste night and she soon  started to eat and became shubby and happy! She has since then been a light in our lives, like our other daughter also is. We  feel so blessed to have two wonderful girls!

Now she is soon turning eight! She is tall, strong, very wise and strongwilled and we feel how the memories from all those years ago slowely is starting to heal. It has taken time, but things like that always will take time.
Soon they are just memories and pictures and they don't stir up floods of tears like they did before.


  1. Wow.
    For en historie, godt at alt endte godt, Og for ei flott jente ho har blitt.
    HA ei super ny uke. På tide å finne senga, jobb i morra tidlig. Helgene går ALT for FORT.
    Klem fra Kaia

  2. Thank you for sharing that story, it is such a lovely one, your daughter has the most wonderful vivid blue eyes and looking at your profile picture I think that she takes after her Mummy :) It must have been an awful time for you, but the story has a nice ending.

    I love this frame and can see it hanging on a wall attracting interest.

    Carol x

  3. Tonje... she is gorgeous and you are a great mother I'm sure of that!
    and wait for your visit

  4. For en utrolig flott ramme, og råstilige kort inni! Note to myself: Sånn vil jeg ha og!
    Skjønner godt at de bildene der får frem tårene. Godt at det endte bra da. Flott jente du har!
    Yvonne :)

  5. wow what a story she must have an enormes angels on her shoulder and what a pritty lady she is
    love the atc you have made

  6. Firstly thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, thanks for becoming a follower of my blog, thnks for guiding me to your blog, which I can honestly say is one of the most beutiful I have seen. The projects are really gorgeous and so varied. It is like a breath of fresh air to see art of all descriptions, cards, layouts, gifts, altered, ATC's, wow the list is endless! I too have signed up to follow and am so looking forward to keeping up with your creations.

    Finally, thanks for sharing the story and photo's. At first I was so sad, but when I read further was elated to see the outcome and what a beauty your daughter had become. I was so happy!!!!!!!! Sue x

  7. I can imagine what you went through. And like you said, this is going to be memories and stories for your grandchildren ;)
    I'm happy for you, that all went well.
    And your present for your mother is so sweet.

  8. Tonje, the flood of tears is now mine just imagining how that must have been for you ~ thank you for sharing this story. Your daughter is absolutely beautiful! I have one child ~ a just-turned-9-year-old girl :) .


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