06 January 2010

My new room, and a mushroom - Mitt nye rom, og en sopp!

This is where my desk was before I rearranged it all.

I have made myself a craftroom which works perfectly for me! I have now most of the things I use all the time right around me, within reach, and stuff I use more seldom are sorted in cool white boxes. I've got music, candles and most important of all: I do not sit with my back to the door staring into a wall like I used to. (The kids liked to sneak into my room scaring the hell out of me, and I never saw them comming as my back was facing the door!)

I have allready tried out the room, and it seems to work like a dream for me. I still have a trip to Ikea left to buy some more white boxes and broader shelves for my mounted stamps, but descided to post the pictures anyway.

I have screwed thin acrylic sheets on the wall making it easy for some of the unmounted stamps to kling to it.

Large and small white boxes from Ikea, my cd player and a new carpet.

My cat Bayaz loves candles although she burned her whiskers once. I have to watch out for lit candles when she is around.

I put most of my flowers in a big bag, but some of them are here in glass jars. The middle one on the first shelf is a very old jar that used to be filled with sweets.

This is the things I need to have close by. At the end of the room you can see the trolly with some of my cardstock. The door is leading into another office and was never used because that office has got two doors as well.

My desk is never this tidy and clean. This is a once-in-a-lifetime-cleanness-moment!
A magnet board on the wall with thinks I like to have nearbye (the remote to the cd-player!) I have a daylight lamps that I can turn so it lights up the cardstock.

On the right is a door that leads outside. Its never used either. My room has three entrances. Way to go architect!!

Carpe diem! All the stuff I need all the time on one shelf.

I made this a long time ago, the sign is on the door to my room.

It was probably meant to hang towels or kitchen equipment on, but works perfectly for all those things that you need nearbye and dont have any other place to put!

Above this is to glass shelves where I have put all my punches. I love to have them close!

On of the walls have got small wooden shelves and this is where I keep some of my mounted stamps. My plan is to raid Ikea for some larger white shelves where I have room for more stamps.

My mushroom! A felted mushroom I found while I was christmasshopping. Perfect to put all my decorative pins on!

I have all my ribbons, metall charms,  and buttons in plastic boxes. Easy to reach and find the correct color.

Thanks for looking! Hopefully it can inspire someone the way got inspired to look at how others made their craftroom!


  1. WOW!
    You have now beautiful craft-room. I love all the details and how you've solved with the stamps (mounted and unmounted).

    hugs, moi

  2. this looks real good

  3. Så kjekt rom du har fått, Tonje. Jeg holder også på med et slikt prosjekt..den tynne platen til umonterte stempler..fant du den på IKEA ? Sånn oppslags tavle i glass til å skrive på? Tror kanskje jeg på låne den ideen..
    Klem Louise

  4. Oj oj oj så mycket saker du har... än så länge har jag inte behov av ett helt rum en garderob räcker gott åt mig :) men det kommer väl. Jättesmarta lösningar till stämplarna och de andra grejerna nåt jag måste komma ihåg i framtiden om jag får mer saker som jag behöver ett smart förvaringssystem till.


  5. Så flott det ble, Tonje! Knakende praktisk, ser det ut til! Nå kan du kose deg i det lange og det brede :)

    God klem!

  6. Fantastisk flott..
    Deilig å ha alt på G, (det eneste som er litt dumt er at du (les: -jeg) ikke alltid husker hvilken boks det ble lagt i, og må gå igjennom alt for å finne det......)
    Ha en flott dag.
    Klem fra Kaia

  7. Så flott rom Tonje! Praktiske løsninger og hyggelig!
    Ha en fin dag!

  8. Kjempeflott rom du har... Stort og godt! Såg herligt ut. Og så orden i ting og tang....

    Kan tenke meg du storkose deg der inne :o)

    Klem Unni

  9. Anonymous6/1/10 12:57

    Wow Tonje, You are so lucky to have such a beautiful space to work in and what a lot of things you have. I dont have anywhere near that amount and would love it :) I bet you almost live in there lol i know i would
    Its beautifully tidy too, i am messier but i only have a small space so i guess thats my excuse lol
    hugs and happy new year to you my friend
    june xxxxx

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. make a room...I'm coming in...
    love your new room!!
    great place to creat!

  12. Se der ja! Det ble jo kjempefint! Men den disken din... ja den kan da ikke lenge holde seg sååå ryddig ;)

    Klem klem!

  13. Ojojoj, vilket underbart pysselrum!!

  14. :) thanks for stopping by :)

    Your blog is sooo inspiring, so many lovely things :)

  15. Hei Tonje.
    Et riktig godt nytt år til deg og dine.
    så flott det ble på rommet ditt,deilig med god plass og smarte løsninger :)!!

    Har noe til deg i bloggen min :)
    Ha en fin kveld!
    klem fra Heidi :)

  16. Happy New Year to you.

    WOW! You lucky, lucky lady to have such space to work in and store your "stuff". I will be interested to see how tidy it will look in say one month, hee hee! Very nice.

    Carol x

  17. mmm.... skal vi bytte rom?


  18. herlighet! heldigrisen! flott rom du har, gleder meg til jeg også får et eget rom, får nøye meg med kroken min en stung til tror jeg.... likte godt akrylplata til umonterte stempler! så smart!

  19. Oj oj oj vilket härligt hobby rum du har fått dej...blir lite avis... ;O)

  20. Your craftroom is divine! It's so tidy, organized and everything at easy reach! Love it...TFS!

  21. Anonymous7/1/10 14:46

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  22. Fantastisk!!!!! A dream-room....

  23. I love your craft-room !

  24. Terrific studio!! I love all of the open shelving :)

  25. Wow.
    Det var jo bare lekkert.
    Så deilig å ha ett helt rom til alle scrappesakene, jeg har "bare" ett hjørne i kjellerstua, kunne godt tenkt meg litt mer plass. Men det er vel sånn, at en blir aldri fornøyd med det en har.....
    Klem fra Kaia

  26. WOWOW What a wonderful room.

    I;m jealous of all that space:o)

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