07 November 2009

A christmasbag - En julepose

Thank you so much for all the get well wishes I have recieved! I have really been needing it; I got rushed off to hospital in an ambulance on wednesday with heavy breathing problems. It was really scary to struggle so much to get air in and out of my lungs, feeling that I was going to chocke. I had for some time struggled with a flue (not the swineflu, but a cold flu) and the inside of my throat had now swelled up due to an infection   and was causing the breathingproblems.
It was a relief to see that the "system" really works when you really need it. Arriving at the hospital with sirenes on,  six doctors and nurses stood standbye to deal with me and an operating theatre was also on standbye. Luckily I did not need that.  In a few seconds they had put a needle in my veines and pumped me full of drugs that worked like a miracle. In about ten minutes  I could breathe more easily!

I am now home again. Had to take a small trip back to the doctor yesterday in a hurry because the problems occured again, but now I am hopefully getting better. I ought to with all these drugs I'm taking!

I magaged to sit down for some minutes today and make this Christmasbag. I am shaking quite a bit, probably some sideeffects on the drugs, so everything takes twice the time it usually does, but in a few days I will be back to my own calm self I hope! I hate being sick, I do not have time for that!

The flower is cut ouf from a Bosskut die. There are small bells hanging from the center.


  1. Thanks for the kind words on my blog, you also make beautiful creations
    hugs Akkina xxx

  2. Hei Snuppa!
    Bare innom med noen varme klemmer :-)
    God bedring og ta godt vare på deg selv!
    Ps. Nydelig julepose!

  3. Wauw wat is dat mooi zeg en wat maak jij mooie vintage kaartjes echt super ik ben maar gelijk volger geworden mag bij mij ook hoor

  4. Takk for den koselige kommenatren i bloggen min, og for at du linker til meg:-) Utrolig vakre kort du lager!! Heidi

  5. So sorry to hear that you have been so sick. I hope you keep improving very quickly.
    Considering how sick you have been you have made a beautiful card. I love how you have the bells haging from the flower.
    Hugs marion

  6. I'm hoping that you're feeling much better! I can't believe that you were not feeling in the least well, and then you go and create such a gorgeous bag!!! Amazing!!! Take care. XOXOX


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