30 August 2009

I won! Jeg vant

My friend Glee at Gleefully Done is giving away a digital sheet of stamps from The Cutting Cafe to one lucky winner in the draw, and that was me!! I am thrilled ! Thank you Glee and The Cutting Cafe for the great prize!

I got an award from Madeleine as well, thank you Madeleine, and thanks for all the nice words you had to say. I am touched! I have to list up five things I love to do, and send it to five other people. Since there are so many talented people out there I will give it to everyone who drops by here!

My five favorite things to do are_
- dancing linedance or bellydance

1 comment:

  1. Så kjekt!!
    Gratulerer, og kos deg med premien : )


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